Golf Mats that give you the Real Feeling

The SMART MAT® (previously the Rocket Launcher® Mat) provides the most satisfying strike feeling. It offers great turf protection yet is engineered ultra slim so you get that natural feeling like you’re playing off natural grass. No matter what level of golfer you are, from beginner to pro, we are confident you will get tremendous strike feedback from your SMART MAT® on your course.

How does the SMART MAT® work?

The polymer materials, shape and resistance of the SMART MAT® have been specifically designed to get the ball closer to the grass and to work in concert with the natural cushioning of the grass just beneath. It imparts a satisfying’ divot-taking sensation with each swing, yet without damaging the turf.


The feel of the strike is largely determined by the unique density of the turf upon which you are playing so, for example, St Andrews will feel different to Royal Troon – as it should.

Teeing Ground

The SMART MAT® is ideal for use to tee off from the teeing ground. Simply insert your purpose designed, ultra flexible Tee RELOAD into the strike point & maneuver it to the exact height you prefer for the Driver your’e using.
No need to worry about teeing into hard mats or frozen ground, tee on it! The RELOADS, in both L and XL Lengths, are height adjustable by 10mm so every golfer’s preference can be catered for. The upper walls of the RELOADS have been thinned to ensure optimum flex so your critical follow-through swing will not be deflected and maximum drive distance is ensured. After your shot the SMART MAT® with RELOAD remain beside you. Very easy to find and retrieve – it’s virtually un-losable.


When your club’s local rule requires you to use a turf protection device on the fairways you no longer need to chose those soiled, third hand, fat synthetic grass or carpet mats.
When using those mats your ball sits up to 20mm higher than the surface of the grass so, to hit with any success, you need to shorten your grip and change your carefully programmed downward swing arc. Perfecting one swing is hard enough so needing your natural swing for summer and another sweeping variety for winter is one too many! Make a slight miscalculation and those mats grab your club head, magnify the impact, possibly damaging the shaft or injuring your hands.


If you hit a ‘fat shot’ our innovative design promotes distribution of the impact force away from the club head to the outside extremities of the SMART MAT®, anchoring its feet. The low friction surface, similar to natural grass, allows the club’s blade to pass across the SMART MAT®. The likelihood of injury to hands or equipment that is usually associated with synthetic grass mats is greatly reduced.

The SMART MAT’s feet are shaped to embed within the blades of the grass so your ball’s ‘at rest’ height will be a scant millimetre or two above the grass – the perfect fairway lie.