Common questions about the Smart Mat for Golf

Who designed it?

We did and its made in Scotland where it should be made. If you want bang for your bucks, avoid the Chinese knockoffs. Check for authenticity by looking under the Smart Mat for the embossed phrase 'Made By Scotland' 

Has the Smart Mat been submitted to the R&A for evaluation?

We can do one better than that - it is the only preferred lie mat that has been submitted to the R&A and the USGA.  Following their examination it was deemed permitted for use when there is a local rule in place permitting preferred lie mats. 

Can the Smart Mat for Golf be used at my club?

If your club's Green Committee has a local rule in place allowing preferred lie mats then you're good to go.  Best to show them your Smart Mat first.  Once they realise this is the only mat that cannot be cheated off they will authorise its use.

How should I use the Smart Mat with irons?

As a rough guideline, if your handicap is above 17 we suggest having the short side forward as your divots often are behind the ball.  If your handicap is 16 or below place the long side forward of the ball as your divots are usually where they should be, in front of the ball. Just place the Smart Mat for golf behind your ball, lightly tap it down once to ensure its feet are sitting on the grass, then use your club head's face to roll your ball back toward you and the strike point on the Smart Mat. Please watch this demonstration video.


 How should I use the Smart Mat for Golf with Drivers?

First make sure you are buying at least 1 Twin Pack of our ultra-flexible tees with your Smart Mat for Golf today. Choose the tee length that suits your driver head size: 35mm L Tees for normal head drivers and 45mm tees for deep head drivers.
Slip the tee in the Smart Mat strike point, place your ball on the tee and lower the entire kit to the ground with one hand. The short side will be forward for all driver shots. Your teed up in seconds regardless how Icey hard the teeing ground is and no matter how hard you hit it you won't be able to lose that tee.


Which Pro Shops near me have the Smart Mat for Golf?

Unfortunately we can no longer guarantee which clubs and Pro shops are stocking it because of the influx of the Chinese knock offs. If your Pro Shop or club house has the fakes then you might want to let them know because they just might have not noticed that the imported ones don't have 'divotEND' and 'Smart Mat' embossed on the base of each mat. To be ultra safe you can buy direct from our web shop where we guarantee authentic product.

 I have a shop, can I sell Smart Mats for Golf?

Yes you can. We sell commercial boxes of 50 sets of Smart Mats to Pro Shops around the world. Each box contains 50 x Smart Mats, 25 x 35mm tee twins and 25 45mm tee twins (for deep head drivers). They can be ordered through our web shop.  To apply for a commercial discount voucher please use the contact us form in this website

Can my club/business print our message and/or logo on the Smart Mat?

We thought you'd never ask.  Yes we can print your message and many have done so in the past. Your message will be seen over and over again up to 30 times each round and more in the 19th. Just complete the contact us form on this website listing out your requirements and we'll be in touch.