Sponsored Pre-Tournament Turf Protection

Used prior to OPEN Championships

Golf Course Owners, Club Secretaries & Tournament Managers rejoice!
Prior to the PGA tournaments a championship club instigates measures to maintain the course’s condition. Often a club will mandate the use of portable mats for turf protection for 4 or sometimes 6 weeks. This usually upsets members but if a Tournament Manager were to choose the Smart Mat for this purpose it would not only keep members and visitors happier and protect the course condition but also:
1. Increase Revenue
2. Improve Sponsor and Club Exposure
3. Achieve higher levels of Tournament Sustainability

Please get in touch with us via the contact form to request more information and pricing for your tournament or other sponsorship requirements. Get your message on a billboard that dynamically appears in front of your niche market dozens of times each round - and at the 19th too. 

Forged in Scotland ...where we know golf

  • Golfers: Tens of thousands worldwide already using the original Smart Mat for golf and loving it
  • Greenkeepers: Maintain immaculate teeing grounds and fairways before marquee events
  • Sponsors: Your logo and message enjoyed over and over again by all members and visitors
  • Managers: Shorter closure period at seasons' peak plus sales of these popular souvenirs = additional revenue
  • Handicappers: Finally a complying product that forces a fair playing field for all players.
  • Sustainability: Another step in the right direction
  • The only fairway golf mat examined by the R&A and USGA