divotEND® pays dividends… to your club, your golfers and to our planet

  1. Better strike feel than any other portable golf mat - including the Chinese knockoffs.
  2. The only mat examined by both the R&A and USGA. Permitted for preferred lie use when a local rule is in place – on both fairways & the teeing grounds
  3. Your course will have far fewer divots than it does now – even on the teeing grounds
  4. You will save on maintenance, water, energy & labour costs
  5. You will save on pre-tournament course closures and increase sponsorship revenue
  6. New golf marketing revenue streams will be created to more than offset our product costs
  7. You will have shrunk your carbon footprint & improved your overall golf course sustainability performance
  8. Your golfers will so appreciate your new turf protection device that, unlike grass mats, it will be used unreservedly - unlike other mats it cannot be cheated from.

Sustainability & Viability Together

As Managers within the golfing sector you are no doubt aware, there currently exists a concerted drive by Golf’s governing bodies and golf associations toward sustainable golf including pro-sustainable management and maintenance of golf courses. Indeed, some of the games most prominent names support golf’s drive toward sustainability.

Saving your course actually can make more revenue

Many golf clubs are experiencing a ‘cost revenue squeeze’. Revenue is down and costs are up so it is a difficult time to consider spending on saving the planet. As we said before sustainability and golf revenue are no longer mutually exclusive. Perhaps your club is already utilising a turf protection device similar to a portable golf mat to protect your course from divots.
We applaud your forward-thinking attitude and hope that these golfing mats have indeed resulted in fewer divots, less maintenance and subsequent savings on costs to you and to our environment. You may have discovered that the portable mats you provide are a lost cost to you and/or are a variety of mat that vexes many of your players. The old mats can ad up to an expensive giveaway as well; we recently visited a golfer’s garage that contained more than 20 free fairway mats. Our Smart Mat will stop those losses, improve golf revenue, reduce pre-tournament closure periods and brighten the disposition of your golfers.

You can start with a small order of one box of 50 sets. Then you will be well on your way to realising the dividends that divotEND can bring your club, your players, your sustainability performance and to your bottom line. Don't forget to use the contact form to ask for a commercial order discount voucher.

Walk the Walk

We have localised our manufacturing process to support the place that gave us this great game. Our tools were machined in Scotland, our products are fabricated in Scotland and your logos are printed in the Kingdom of Fife; not 15 miles from the Home of Golf. We are so committed to the viability of golf and to supporting golf in the community that every year a portion of proceeds from your purchases goes to support golf organisations for disabled players and other official charities.

You’ve nothing to lose yet much to gain. We hope to hear from you soon via our web site's Contact page.